Gramophones for Sale

There are no gramophones for sale at the moment. In the stockroom, however, I have the following, which are ripe for renovation and will be available soon:
  • HMV Monarch
  • HMV 109
  • HMV 102
If you need one of these as a gift for Christmas, email me and I will see what can be done.
All the future machines featured on this page will have been thoroughly serviced by The Repair Shop’s Gramophone Guru, with new mainsprings fitted. (The springs are made at the same Yorkshire factory that produced them for His Master’s Voice in the 1930s.)
Each comes with 24 good condition popular records from the period, 200 brand new needles, and full operating instructions.  Stored well and used correctly there is no reason these gramophones should not continue to give good service for the next 60 years!

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