Tracks on Wax: a gramophone discotheque


Tracksonwax: vintage music for your wedding, birthday party, tea dance or garden party.

Tracks on Wax: vintage music for your wedding, birthday party, tea dance or garden party.

The essential part of any vintage celebration

Vintage music for your wedding, birthday party, anniversary or garden party or for any society event: original shellac records from the 1920s, 1930s and 1940s played on genuine horn gramophones!

Hundreds of thousands of wonderful records were made in the golden age of the big dance bands, from the advent of electrical recording in the 1920s until rock and roll elbowed them aside in the mid 50s. Many of those songs are still performed regularly today – “Cheek to Cheek”, “Embraceable You”, “You’re The Tops!” for instance; while others are familiar as the soundtrack to adverts – “Don’t Fence Me In”, “La Mer”, “Let’s Face the Music and Dance”. But when Tracks on Wax is in the house you get to hear the original records – 78rpm shellac discs made in the 1930s – played on genuine wind-up gramophones. You get to hear these classic tunes exactly as they sounded when they were new. Listen now to “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” recorded by Al Bowlly in January 1939. It’s one of the best!

My 78CV

Having been collecting 78s for over 40 years I have amassed quite a few.


So if:

  • there is one particular song you would really like to hear on your big day, I’ve probably got it.


Or if:

  • you only want records by Al Bowlly or Fats Waller or Jack Hylton or Bing Crosby played at your event – yes, I can do that.


Or if:

  • you want all the big numbers from World War Two, but for the sake of historical accuracy you want them in chronological order – yes, I can do that.

Or if:

  • you just want someone to play the best takes of the best tunes at your party – yes, I can certainly do that!

Ring or email me to discuss what you’d like to make your occasion unforgettably unique.





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